The Palace of Kimonos: (Japanese Clothing)

There is an ancient saying in Japan: “Obi is Nishijin”.

Here you can enjoy and understand the meaning of the phrase by experiencing beautiful obi and other kimono accessories.

You may be worried about our prices since we are a traditional speciality shop. However, rest assured we offer kimonos at a very reasonable price.

We are also a close partner with Authentic Amami Oshima Tsumugi Silk Pongee Cooperative. As a licensed distributor, we sell authentic Amami Oshima Tsumugi silk pongee as well at a reasonable price.

We also sell purses and other kimono accessories.


We provide custom-made kimonos and obi.

We also offer services such as stain removing, special laundering, and other forms of kimono repair. Please feel free to contact us for any kimono related issues.

Nishijin Silk Necktie

Every single necktie produced of Nishijin textile is sophisticatedly weaved and produced. In fact, it is safe to say that you’ll not want to take it off once you wear it.

Our Nishijin textile ties are known for there elaborate and gorgeous designs.

Nishijin Local Handbags

We have a wide variety of handbags made from Nishijin textile fabric. You can wear them in various different occasions that your life may offer as they are highly versatile.

If you have any questions regarding our handbags, please feel free to ask our handbag specialist staff members.

Nishijin Textile Accessories

We alos offer a wide range of accessories. Some of our original products include wallets, cases, and purses each made using Nishijin textiles. These various items will allow you to enjoy the charm of Nishijin textiles in your daily life.

It should also be mentioned that small items that are produced and only available in Kyoto are great as presents or gifts.


Our table runners produced from our fabric work as great gifts in any part of the world. International shipping is available.

Company Flags, School Flags & Partitions

We offer custom-made flags for companies and schools as well as partitions. We use techniques that are essential to producing Nishijin Textile quality such as Tsumegaki-Hon-Tsuzure-Ori (a weaving technique that utilizes the finger nails) and Nishikiori to produce our products. Please feel free to contact us.

Flags (Company, School, Institution, National, Etc.)

  • Tapestry weaving
    ¥1.2 million (includes sewing fee & attachments)
  • Other than weaving (Habutai)
    ¥600,000 (includes sewing fee & attachments)


  • ¥ 1 million (includes sewing fee & attachments)